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East Peterborough Lions Club Dog Guide Auction

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April 2020
12:15 AM EDT
April 2020
06:14 PM EDT
GOAL $6,100.00
42.2% To Goal

East Peterborough Lions Club Dog Guide Auction

Our auction is in support of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides Program. This program breeds, raises and trains dogs to support individuals with disabilities live a better quality of life at no cost to them. The program trains dogs for the service areas of canine vision, autism assistance, seizure response, diabetic alert, hearing, service, and facility support. The cost to train each dog is approximately $25,000, with all funds raised through donations and community support. Through this auction your support will make a huge difference in someone's life. we hope that you will consider bidding to the value or above the items listed.

About East Peterborough Lions Club

The East Peterborough Lions Club are a group of caring community minded individuals that raise funds to help support others throughout our community and around the world.
The Lions Club organization is one of the largest service club organizations in the world and the East Peterborough Lions have served their community for over 40 years.
The East Peterborough Lions are proud to serve their communities by making donations to non profit agencies, children's camps and individuals in need in our community through fundraisers and services projects. When attending events in Peterborough you can often find a proud lions member, identified by their club uniform, working to help follow our motto, "We Serve"

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