EPIC Community Silent Auction

November 2020
09:00 PM PST
November 2020
09:03 PM PST
GOAL $5,000.00
86.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

EPIC is a community-created, nature-based K-3 blended distributed learning (DL) centre located in the woods and on the coastlines of Saanich, BC. We are excited to be in our second year of caring for the hearts of learners through nature connection and play in our natural world.

EPIC is looking to raise funds to support our program. We anticipate raising enough funds to launch a new bursary!

Thank you so much for helping learners get their Vitamin “N” for nature! It helps them stay grounded. (The good kind of grounded!) We're grateful to spend school days connecting with our community, the living world and ourselves.

We know you’re also nature-lovin’ and believe in the power of community. Please bid!

Check us out at: www.epiclearningcentre.org

About EPIC Learning Centre

EPIC Learning Centre empowers children to co-create ecological and inclusive communities.


Children are ​valued and seen.​ Each individual child follows their own path with the respectful loving guidance of the community.

Children develop an integrated ​connection to self​.

Children are active members of the community with ​agency and power.​

Children’s creative play is essential to learning and development.

Children see beauty surrounding them. We affirm that this beauty is inherent to us all and is a source of our interconnectedness.

Children​ fall deeply in love with the Earth,​ leading to a commitment to protect the natural world.

Children are​ supported in communicating w​ith one another respectfully. Conscious communication is seen as fundamental to the learning experience.

The bonds between children and community are ​mutual and supportive.​

Self-awareness ​is cultivated and ​diversity i​s celebrated.

Systems of privilege and oppression a​re actively challenged.

We​ honour indigenous lands, cultures, relationships and ways of knowing. We seek to consciously incorporate this knowledge into our words, teachings and actions.

We are all committed to our ​continual learning.​

Children are co-teachers.

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