EDI Black Friday AUCTION

Exclusive Dressage Imports
November 2020
10:00 AM PST
November 2020
02:00 PM PST

About Our Auction

Welcome to the Exclusive Dressage Imports Black Friday Auction. Starting on Thursday November 26th at 10 AM and closing on Saturday November 28th at 2:00 PM, EDI will feature two superstar young horses in for our first black Friday auction. The 32 auctions website will host the auction and handle all bids until closing. Please sign up here to bid.
Additional info, videos and pictures on the horses can be found at www.exclusivedressageimports.com. All financial transactions and sales contracts will be finalized immediately upon the conclusion of the auction. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the horses or the details of the auction. Good Luck!

About Exclusive Dressage Imports

Exclusive Dressage Imports (EDI) specializes in the import and training of elite quality horses. EDI personally selects and trains top-notch European dressage prospects for international buyers of all levels. Our horses are meticulously chosen for superior quality, trainability, rideability and temperament. We are based in San Diego, California and all of our horses are under full training with Grand Prix rider and trainer Joseph Newcomb and Mckenzie Milburn.

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