Duncan Awards Silent Auction 2021

May 2021
08:00 AM EDT
May 2021
06:00 PM EDT

Duncan Awards Silent Auction 2021

John J. Duncan, Sr., Award for Senior Advocacy

This event is held each spring to honor a professional and an individual from the community who embody the legacy of the late Representative John J. Duncan, Sr., who was an advocate for the seniors of the Second District. Nominees must work or volunteer in Knox County, and exhibit outstanding advocacy for seniors and senior issues. Funds raised through this event benefit the Senior Information & Referral (SIR) Program.

About Senior Information & Referral - Duncan Awards 2021

Senior Information & Referral (SIR) is the "Google" of senior services in Knox County with a human touch! When seniors, family members, professionals, neighbors have a question or concern related to seniors in Knox County, SIR is where they go for answers. Professionally certified Community Resource Specialists - Aging/Disabilities (CRS-A/D) answer the phones/emails, help analyze and problem solve, and provide appropriate referrals to community resources. As an NCOA Benefits Enrollment Center they assist Medicare Recipients in applying for multiple programs including Medication Assistance, Health Care Programs, Tax Relief, Housing & Utility Assistance, Food & Nutrition Services etc. SIR is able to take the time needed to appropriately assist seniors so they can access needed services as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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