Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Conference

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre
November 2019
01:00 PM GMT
November 2019
09:00 PM GMT

About Our Auction

As part of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Conference to celebrate its 40th anniversary, a selection of well-known Irish artists are donating pieces to raise much-needed funds for the organisation.

Artists include graphic designer and illustrator Conor Merriman, artist and social activist Joe Caslin, Amsterdam-based illustrator Fatti Burke, designer and illustrator Stephen Heffernan and illustrator Jacky Sheridan. Each will be conceptualising a piece that depicts ‘Hope’ - a theme the DRCC aims to evoke during the conference and throughout Irish society.

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre aims to prevent the harm and heal the trauma of rape and sexual abuse. For 40 years, it has provided crisis counselling and long-term therapy to adult women and men who have experienced rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. Its services include a national 24-hour helpline, face-to-face counselling, Garda & court accompaniment and training programmes. In addition, they engage in policy interventions and public awareness campaigns.

About Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Since 1979, The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has worked to prevent the harm and heal the trauma of sexual violence. We work with men and women who have experienced sexual assault, rape or childhood sexual abuse.

Sexual violence is a serious public health and human rights issue with both short and long-term consequences for those affected. The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has been at the forefront of the Irish response to sexual violence for almost 40 years. We work with government, non-profit organisations, academic institutions, and the general public to ensure that all available resources to prevent sexual violence are utilised.

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