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PAINT OFF @ the Deer Lake Craft Festival

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November 2018
07:00 PM PST
November 2018
10:03 AM PST

PAINT OFF @ the Deer Lake Craft Festival

3-2-1.... and paint. 

The final words one often hears when entering the colour massacres of live painting competitions. Usually a short amount of time, a palette of colours, brush in hand and an audience of eager onlookers excited about what creations lay in store from the competitors. Many people have never seen how paintings are created and it is an exciting spectacle to get a glimpse of what the creative process looks like first hand. Mingle that with an emphasis on speed and the chance for prizes and recognition and it's a recipe for a fun engaging event with thrills, excitement and culture.

Audience voting determine the winners of the event, and silent auction for the real prize of those who will get to walk home with a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

50% of the funds raised from the auction go to the artist who created the work and the balance assists the Burnaby Arts Council in future programming, events, activities and community engagement.

About Burnaby Arts Council

The Burnaby Arts Council is committed to serving the people of Burnaby by creating a vibrant and diverse presence of the Arts in the City and to actively advocate for the importance of the Arts!

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The BAC is a non-profit registered CRA charity since 1970.

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