Montreal Child Haven On-line Auction

November 2021
10:00 AM EST
November 2021
10:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

This is the 26th Anniversary of our Montreal Child Haven Support Group's Annual Fund-Raising Events! This year we are inviting Child Haven supporters in the Eastern Townships and Maritimes to join with us. Due to the corona virus, we are unable to meet in person, but our support for Child Haven's 1,300 formerly destitute children and women's programs continues with this auction and other fund-raising efforts. If you have attended our previous Child Haven Dinners, you know that the Silent Auction is a highlight! This year's Covid-safe online adaptation also features the stunning, treasures that Bonnie and Robin purchase while visiting the Homes overseas. All bidding is online. When the auction is over, people in the Montreal Region can pick-up their items at the home of Sheila Laursen in Pointe Claire. We are also arranging another pick-up spot in the Eastern Townships. Winners in other areas can contact the Child Haven Office at 1-613-527-2829 to discuss delivery options. Sheila will contact the winning bidders in the Montreal Region to arrange for items to be picked up or delivered. You can call her at 514-697-4195 for directions and to make arrangements. Items can be paid for by check upon pick-up or paid on this web-site when the auction is over. Please bring your mask and cheques to Sheila's or other pick-up sites if you have not paid on-line.

Many of our vendors are themselves long-time supporters of Child Haven, familiar with the work that Child Haven accomplishes in their communities. They often offer special prices with which they can support Child Haven; as much as possible we also seek fair trade crafts.

Auction purchases directly fund Child Haven Children's Homes and projects. CHI functions with particularly low overhead, in large part to the dedicated efforts of volunteer fundraisers and a committed base of grassroots donors.

About Child Haven International

Inspired by the ideals and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, Child Haven International is a not for profit charity founded in 1985. We assist over 1300 children and women in South Asia by providing food, education, job training, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional support, and love.

CHI projects include 8 Homes for children in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh; 2 women's centers in India; and sponsorships for children and elders in Tibet. Information and pictures abound at If you'd like to make an easy online donation, go directly to

The Edmonton Support Group has been holding annual dinners for Child Haven since the 1990’s! In previous years we have held Annual Fund-Raising Dinners that featured Live and Silent Auctions. This year we are replacing that live event with this on-line auction and an on-line gathering.

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