Poppie Cotton Virtual Charity Quilt Auction 2021

Downunder Diversions
August 2021
08:00 AM PDT
September 2021
12:03 AM PDT

About Our Auction

Join us to help raise money for Humanity Sews!

Tote bags are FREE with any donation of $50 or more!

100% of the proceeds will benefit Humanity Sews

Humanity Sews has a mission to establish sewing schools both in the US and in countries around the world, to teach entrepreneurial and sewing skills to individuals in need. Humanity Sews also provides individuals with micro-loans in the form of sewing machines. The sewing machines help facilitate business opportunities that foster self-reliance in the sewing school graduates. To ensure success, Humanity Sews works with other humanitarian groups and like minded individuals.
Visit their website to see how you can become involved. https://humanitysews.org/

About Downunder Diversions

Jina and Moana came up with the name Downunder Diversions because they are both from downunder and diversions means taking a break from life. Their goal is to give you an avenue where you can escape from your everyday life and feel fulfilled creatively, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Downunder Diversions is a well organized adventure to different parts of the world where you can have an incredible experience that you will never forget.

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