COVID-19 Relief

Center of Help
May 2020
05:00 PM EDT
June 2020
10:00 PM EDT
GOAL $1,500.00
35.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

100% of the funds raised go directly to the Center of Help to assist this non-profit combat the need for food, medical supplies, hygiene products, and other essential items in immigrant communities. For additional information go to

About Center of Help

The Center for Help has been assisting those in need since 1999 and never in its history has it seen such a demand. Many of the lower income members in our community are essential workers and risk exposure to the virus. Others have seen their work and wages dry up creating an urgent need for simply the basics. Entire families have been infected with COVID-19 making their situation extremely dire. Many families do not have the means to travel to an already overwhelmed Food Bank.

In response to this crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Center for Help, in direct coordination with the Health Department, has dramatically ramped up its activities by purchasing and delivering food to those in need. The actions of our volunteers are not only saving the lives of the poor in our community, but their actions are also preventing the spread of the virus by allowing those infected to stay at home and not venture out to obtain food.

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