CRCL Online Auction

May 2019
09:00 AM CDT
May 2019
09:30 PM CDT

About Our Auction

CRCL's online auction is a campaign to raise money and awareness for the many programs and initiatives CRCL enacts.

About Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL)

CRCL is Louisiana's oldest, statewide non-profit organization dedicated to coastal restoration. We represent a broad spectrum of concerned citizens who all share a common vision and commitment to the sustainability of coastal Louisiana. The organization has a three-pronged approach to coastal restoration that drives bold, science-based action to rebuild Coastal Louisiana: restoration, outreach, and advocacy.

Restoration -- CRCL is a boots-on-the-ground restoration organization. Our Habitat Restoration Program and Oyster Shell Recycling Program engage hundreds of volunteers every year to help restore our coastal wetlands by planting native plants and trees in vulnerable wetland areas. We use oyster shell collected from New Orleans area restaurants to build new oyster reefs, which help slow shoreline erosion. We are one of the few Louisiana coastal organizations to provide hands-on, tangible volunteer efforts.

Outreach--CRCL works directly with coastal communities, fishermen, and industry to ensure that they understand the importance of coastal restoration to our state. Coastal communities will be affected by restoration, our job is to ensure that those effects are mitigated and understood so that restoration projects continue to move forward.

Advocacy--CRCL is the longest-standing statewide non-profit organization dedicated to coastal restoration in Louisiana. We work closely with the state legislature, state coastal restoration officials, and other coastal decision makers to ensure that decisions for coastal restoration are based on the best science available.

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