Colorado Hearing Society 2020 Online Auction

July 2020
06:00 PM MDT
August 2020
07:00 PM MDT
GOAL $7,000.00
149.7% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Each year the Colorado Hearing Society (CHS) holds their annual educational symposium. This year, because of the coronavirus, we felt it was wise to cancel the symposium. But, an important part of our meeting has always been our auction. The items shown in this auction are generously donated by various manufacturers and even some individuals. The proceeds of our auction go to help support our lobbying efforts. We appreciate your participation and your support of CHS!

About Colorado Hearing Society

The Colorado Hearing Society (CHS) is a membership association that represents hearing healthcare professionals in the beautiful state of Colorado. CHS members are engaged in the practice of testing human hearing and selecting, fitting and dispensing hearing instruments and counseling patients. Founded in 1958 as a charter chapter of the International Hearing Society, the CHS continues to recognize the need for promoting and maintaining the highest possible standards
for its members in the best interests of the hearing impaired it serves.

As the premier membership organization for many of the independent hearing specialists in Colorado, CHS conducts programs in competency accreditation, education and training and encourages specialty-level certification for its members.

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