Cascadian Gamers Extra Life SuperMegaAUCTION(tm)

Cascadian Gamers
November 2020
12:15 PM PST
November 2020
12:06 PM PST
GOAL $7,500.00
44.1% To Goal

About Our Auction

All money gained from this auction, minus auction processing and shipping fees, will be donated in the winner's name to a Cascadian Gamer's Extra Life page where it'll be distributed to a Children's Hospital according to Extra Life policies.

Cascadian Gamers and it's members retain no money from any item auctioned.

About Cascadian Gamers

Cascadian Gamers is a collective of soccer supporters and video game players across Cascadia united in the common cause of raising money for local Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

Our main vehicle for doing that is participating in the annual Extra Life event, and our SuperMegaRaffle(tm). Now, we're adding our SuperMegaAUCTION(tm) to raise even MORE money for the kids!

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