The CCHT Elf Auction 2021

November 2021
07:00 PM GMT
December 2021
07:04 PM GMT
GOAL £6,000.00
88.4% To Goal

About Our Auction

Welcome to our 2021 Elf Auction.

This year’s Reception Class Elves have been very busy thinking about and creating their Christmas Wish List. They would like to raise much-needed funds for outdoor play on the Beach, in Cadogan Gardens playground and in the classrooms. We are interested in looking at how children can take ownership of the resources they use for play and would like to provide the children with more open-ended play equipment.

Here is what is on the Christmas Wish List for both schools:

Bebots, construction bricks and wooden blocks, outdoor weaving looms, cascading water kits, role play items such as cement mixers and road signs and magnetic tiles and phonics lozenges as well as sand and water sets.

We thank you very much for putting forward all these wonderful lots, so please dig deep and bid high. Our schools rely heavily on our combined fundraising efforts and what better time to start than the jolly season of goodwill - a time for giving and a time for gifting (and gift-aiding). Enjoy the next week of Christmas Auctions and our online shop and let us try and gather funds for the resources that will promote imaginative and creative play.

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