The Charity Ball Association 2021 Online Auction

October 2021
09:00 AM CDT
October 2021
09:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

The mission of the Charity Ball Association of San Antonio, Inc. is to support and enhance the quality of life for children of Bexar County. The Charity Ball Association's legacy of compassion and efficiency ensures that CHILDREN BENEFIT ALWAYS.

Funds raised from this auction will directly support children's charities in Bexar County. In 2021, the Charity Ball Association and its generous supporters donated over $1.1 million to 21 San Antonio agencies. Funds were awarded for construction, technology, specialized equipment, educational materials and for children's health and well-being. We salute these charities committed to improving the lives of the children of San Antonio.

About The Charity Ball Association

In 1954, a small group of women led by Mrs. Ralph E. Fair saw children in their community suffering and in need. They formed the Charity Ball Association of San Antonio, Inc. (CBA) to give financial assistance to struggling children's agencies of Bexar County, many of which did not receive support from the United Way (then called the Community Chest).

Led by Mrs. Fair and her philosophy of "Wrap the big hand around the little hand," this group of women sprang to action to help children with special needs and families disrupted by violence or divorce. They decided to devote their hard work and resources to children's agencies and charities that provided care, guidance and education to children and their families. With 114 founding members, the date for the first ball was set for October 28, 1954. It was one of the very first fund-raising balls in the country and all of their proceeds ($25,000) went to Sunshine Cottage and Boysville -- enabling both to expand their facilities and serve more children. Thus, The Chrysanthemum Ball was born!

The following year, the group was completely organized with a Board of Directors that included eight women and eight men from the community. This original structure of the organization remains essentially the same today. Since 1954, CBA has awarded grants totaling over $24 million to agencies serving children in Bexar County.

Over the years the CBA has introduced new fundraising projects in addition to the Ball, including the Rotogravure, the Datebook, Patron Contributions, Fall Prize Ticket Sales and this online auction. We are so grateful for your support!

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