Conroe Art League 12x12 Student Awards Auction

Conroe Art League
January 2022
11:00 AM CST
February 2022
04:00 PM CST
GOAL $7,500.00
124.6% REACHED!

About Our Auction

The purpose of the auction is to raise money to support Conroe Art League's Student Awards Show on May 7, 2022, when selected Montgomery County, TX, high school seniors will receive financial awards based on artworks selected by a judge or judges. In 2021, over $6,000 was awarded to selected student recipients. The fundraising goal for the auction is $7,500

The auction is a two-step process:
1. The Online auction begins January 10, 2022, and closes at 4 PM on Friday, February 25, 2022. The artwork in the auction are original works created by Conroe Art League member artists.

The artwork is arranged alphabetically by title. To search for a favorite artist, search by name by inserting the desired name in the search box. (Hint: enter a full name, and note that someone you know, for example, by "Bob", may be listed as "Robert".)

The opening bid on any artwork, except a Select 12 piece, is $35.00, and the minimum bid increment is $5.00.

The opening bid for a Select 12 piece is $100.00, and the minimum bid increment is also $5.00.

To see the Select 12, you may enter Select 12 in the Search box.

All artworks have a "buy now" feature. The "buy now" for a Select 12 is $400. The "buy now" for all other is $200.

Shipping is available on each purchased item at $15.00. The details are in the bidding page for the artwork.

2. In February the art will not only remain visible online but will also be physically displayed in the gallery through February 25. All bidding, however, will remain online, and there will not be a Live Auction in the gallery as there has been in the past. Once the online bidding closes at 4 PM on February 25, the last bid on an artwork is considered final, and the highest bidder will be notified and invoiced by the auction site 32Auctions.


Whether you are the high bidder or not for any artwork, or even if you choose not to bid, the online bidding process allows for a "Donation", and you may show your appreciation for the artworks, the Conroe Art League, and provide financial support for the Student Show on May 7, 2022, by making an online donation.

About Conroe Art League

Conroe Art League (CAL) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization of vibrant artists and art lovers. The art league began in 1963 with seven local artists and has grown to over 300 members. Art education is a top priority for CAL and classes are offered in a variety of mediums. We offer monthly shows featuring the work of our members. In addition to the shows, the League holds competitions throughout the year. CAL is active in the community, participating in numerous outreach programs.

For more great information about Conroe Art League and the City of Conroe, click the video link below.

Conroe Art League is a member of the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance, and the league is funded in part by grants from the Texas Commission on Arts, City of Conroe Arts & Culture, and National Endowment of the

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