BuzziCee and BuzziShade XXL (Set)

December 2021
03:00 PM CET
December 2021
11:45 PM CET

About Our Auction

Lowering their carbon footprint, placing great importance on giving back to the community, and showcasing their dedicated and hardworking team are just some of BuzziSpace's company pillars. 

For this auction, BuzziSpace has created a one-of-one, handcrafted, and meticulously hand-dyed BuzziCee and BuzziShade XXL using discarded onion peals, wood chips, and flower petals. Made from high-quality materials, this BuzziCee and BuzziShade XXL set will bring joy and vibrancy to your chosen space for years to come, and are perfect for creating your own Hubs for Togetherness. Both acoustic items were put together by hand in BuzziSpace's manufactory located in Bladel, the Netherlands.

100% of the proceeds from the winning bid will be donated to cancer research (split between the 'Cancer Research Institute' and 'Think Pink Europe'). Unfortunately, many of us, including members of our BuzziSpace community, have been adversely affected by cancer, whether it be a close friend, relative, or through a battle they’ve faced themselves.

This donation will help fund ground-breaking research, advocacy efforts, and support people living with cancer.

About BuzziSpace

Since its inception in 2007, BuzziSpace’s driving force has been to produce effective and high-quality acoustic solutions, lighting, and furniture for the ever-changing workspace that are both functional and inspiring. BuzziSpace products help reduce excessive noise so people can feel more focused, less stressed, and thrive better in professional environments. This, in turn, has fueled BuzziSpace's mission in creating happy and healthy workspaces, along with increasing the well-being and job satisfaction of employees worldwide.

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