Bedonna's Herd Reduction Feb 2020

Brand b s550
February 2020
09:00 AM CST
February 2020
08:00 PM CST

About Our Auction

UPDATE- 2/20/20, 8:15 PM A few of the horses SOLD. Other horses got bids, but bidders could not be verified, and a few horses did not bring the reserve amount, so those horses' bids will be erased/ they are NOT SOLD, and these horses will be offered for sale Privately.

UPDATE- 2/18/19, 5pm.....
I am extending the auction, for two more days. I had to be rushed into emergency surgery today, and I have been unable to answer people's questions today, approve bidders (I must have phone numbers and address for approval)... and so I'm extending the sale. I may be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, so I'll do my best to help everyone as I am able.

'Due to Expansion of our Appaloosa Program, starting another business, and time restraints... not to mention I'm getting older!... we are going to reduce our herd numbers.
We also have large numbers of certain bloodlines, and many related horses, so will offer many great horses for sale.
Funds from the sale of the horses will be used for expenses at the ranch, and starting another business.
Buyers will be required to register for bidding (just like any other auction). When registering, there will be a place you can write a 'NOTE' so, please put your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and ADDRESS in the note, to speed up approval to participate in auction. If not, provided, I will send you an email requesting the information.
*****Please check for emails, so you can reply back, and complete everything, so you can be a bidder.
I will call or email bidders back, and Bidders MUST provide a valid phone number, and information to be accepted to bid in our auction. Phone numbers will be verified before end of sale.
Bidders who give false information, fail to pay for items, or give payment that does not clear... will lose any rights to the horses(s) they wanted to buy (the purchase will be cancelled) and will not be allowed to participate in an future auctions.
Read all information about the sale.

About Bedonna's Stallion Station

We have been raising horses for many years, primarily AQHA, APHA, and ApHC performance horses. Over the years we have added horses and modified our program to include Barrel prospects, race prospects, roping and cutting bloodlines, and others with the goal to have sound, correct, trainable athletes. We have also kept many fillies and colts back to add to our program.
We are located near Snyder, OK.
We prefer to to sell directly to buyers, with personal sales, and direct communication with buyers so we can answer questions and make sure that the buyer and horse are a good match. This On-Line auction will be the next best thing, because we can still discuss horses before purchase. And, we can keep them safe until time for transport.
Over the last couple of years, I've made the decision to drastically reduce our herd. We have also expanded our Appaloosa program recently, so we have to make some tough decisions.
We are Not selling completely out... but, we are going to Drastically reduce our numbers. I will still stand stallions, and raise Foals, but just not as many. We also have large numbers of horses with similar bloodlines, so we will offer many for sale.
As my daughter is getting older, and more involved in sports, school activities, and band activities, I want to make sure I have the time to be at all her activities.
We have also added cattle to our ranch, and I am starting another business... so as hard as it is... I'm going to try this option to reach buyers for our horses.
This way I can be reached to answer questions, and discuss safe transport after purchase.
Funds from the sale of these horses will be used for expenses at the ranch, and to start another business.
This is an AUCTION. The winning bidder will be responsible for Paying for the horse or horses purchased within 3 working days of the end of the auction. This site will not let me set a reserve, so some of the horses may have a starting bid amount. Horses will NOT be released until payment has been received and Cleared. Papers and Transfers will be held until payment has cleared. If winning bidder fails to pay for horse then the reserve bidder will be offered the horse.
PAYMENT- We will accept Bank Wire Transfers, Bank Cashier's Checks sent over-night mail, Money Transfers Via Walmart(you must take Cash to Walmart), or we can accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Credit Cards or Debit Cards(with a 5% Convenience Fee applying to Total.
Coggins will be provided for all buyers of horses that sell through the auction. A few days may be needed to complete testing after sale.
Health Certificates will be needed for all Out-of-State sales. We will arrange for exams and Health Certificates (required by law for inter-state travel) after auction. This paperwork lists the Buyer and Destination of horse and must be done Individually for each horse, After the purchase. The cost for this will be $75/horse. The Buyer will be required to reimburse us for this cost. These Health Certificates are only good for 30 days, so transport must be complete within the 30 days, or the Health certificate must be done again.
BOARD of all purchased horses will be FREE for a maximum of 10 Days after auction. If horse/horses have not been picked up by then... Board will be charged starting on Day 11. Board will be $15/day per horse until picked up. If the horse has not been picked up within 30 days of the end of the auction, the horse will be considered Abandoned, the the sale will be cancelled without refunds, unless Long-term Boarding has been arranged, or if a Mare is being Boarded here long term for breeding here at our ranch. A few Mares are selling without the 2020 foals, so those mares may have board charges waived. See each horse for details.
READ the Descriptions of each horse listed in our auction.
All horses will be described, including any know lameness issues, or imperfections that are known. Vet Checks are welcome Before purchase.
Most of our Mares and Foals are already Branded with a B on the thigh, and most have numbers for ID purposes. All horses will be branded before they leave our ranch.
Please BID only the amount you can pay for the horse.
OUR WEBSITE will have LOTS of additional information listed for all horses, cover sires, past foals, siblings, sire/dam info, etc.
CALL 580-471-4040 (no texts) to discuss horses.

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