Back to the Bounty! Virtually!

October 2020
12:00 PM EDT
November 2020
05:03 PM EST

Back to the Bounty! Virtually!

Welcome to our 2nd annual fundraiser! We can't be at the Bounty in person this year, so we're bringing the bounty to you! Funds raised will go to support our STEM scholarship program, our STEM grant program and support future initiatives in the Nashua community! Last year, we provided two, $2,500 scholarships, donated to two Nashua elementary schools to support their STEM night activities, and provided funding to a local elementary robotics group. In the coming years as we expand, we aim to branch out to groups we can support while continuing to provide scholarship opportunities to Nashua High North and South graduates.

About Brian S. McCarthy Memorial Foundation

The Brian S. McCarthy Foundation was established in March of 2019 in memory of long time Nashua, NH Alderman Brian McCarthy. Our goals are to provide the following support to the community:

Annually provide a disbursement of collegiate level scholarships to a student from Nashua South High School and a student from Nashua North High School pursuing degrees in a STEM field.

Annually recognize a member of the community of Nashua for their commitment to STEM education and outreach.

Provide grant opportunities for a non curriculum based/club project with a financial need related to STEM. These clubs/groups do not need to be at the high school level, but should be based in Nashua.

Contribute to other nonprofits and causes in Nashua which were championed by Brian S. McCarthy.

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