BCEDA Economic Recovery and Resiliency Auction

February 2021
05:00 AM PST
March 2021
03:00 PM PST

About Our Auction

BCEDA will do whatever it can within the resources we have available to assist communities in distress. We depend on the funds raised through our annual Auction at the BC Economic Summit and in generous donations. We welcome you to join our efforts to support Communities in Crisis.

As the leader in Economic Recovery and Resiliency, the BC Economic Development Association has provided significant support to communities and businesses throughout BC, and even throughout North America during COVID19 and after other Natural Disasters. Now we need your help. As a non-profit, In order to pay for our services, we depend on support from our members and partners, and from events. This year our annual auction, to help us cover some of the costs we incur in providing support, will be held online from mid-February to March 11th.

About BC Economic Development Association

The British Columbia Economic Development Association of (BCEDA) is the leading professional association of economic development practitioners in the Province of BC. The BCEDA currently has over 500 members from communities throughout the Province. The BCEDA provides services that helps member communities grow and expand new and existing businesses, attract new business investments, and work towards strategic infrastructure investment, land use planning, and community enhancement.

The BCEDA services include an annual summit and networking event, educational and professional development opportunities, public relations, advisory services and resources and partnering with communities and the Province of BC to market British Columbia for business investment.

The BCEDA is not your typical membership-based organization and does so much more to enhance and support all levels of government. Whether you are a local government, provincial, federal, FIrst Nations or Regional District we work with you to make sure the needs of your organization and others are met.

BCEDA founded Canada's first Economic Disaster Recovery in 2012 with the assistance of IEDC and Restore Your Economy. Since that time, we have provided leadership in designing and implementing programs in BC, throughout Canada and even assisted in the US. The BCEDA Economic Disaster Recovery Program has assisted communities in BC (Burns Lake, communities and businesses impacted by wildfires in 2017 and 2018, Grand Forks), Alberta (11 Recovery Plans following 2013 flooding, the US Virgin Islands, the US Mariana Islands, and other areas in Canada and the United States. Our extensive efforts during COVID19 to support communities and businesses have benefited many and we continue to provide more - but need your help.

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