4th Annual Blooming Benefit Auction

June 2018
06:15 PM CDT
June 2018
07:45 PM CDT
GOAL $5,000.00
13.1% To Goal

About Our Auction

The purpose of this auction is to fundraise for the Second Chance program for Flourishing Families.

About Flourishing Families

Flourishing Families' Vision is to empower the people in our community by assisting them with:
• Shelter
• Career Development Skills
• Financial Advice
• Counseling
• Childcare

Flourishing Families addresses the needs of the community through teaching, counseling and supporting the people of our community. We plan to obtain a 24 hour shelter which will provide shelter, food, and a change of clothes for all in need. Furthermore, the organization plans to purchase available housing for the purpose of affordable housing for low income clients. Flourishing Families will be helping the unemployed with not only finding a job but giving supporting classes on all aspects of employment; including interviews and maintaining employment. Next the organization plans to educate our clients on financial stability and provide advice on loans, home ownership, financial institutions, and debt management. This organization also plans to help abused individuals with possible relocation and all support needed including counseling. Finally, this organization expects to have a daycare not only for our employees but also a low rate daycare for low-income clients who work and cannot afford an expensive daycare.

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