Charity Auction

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September 2019
05:00 PM EDT
September 2019
11:45 PM EDT
GOAL $1,000.00
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About Our Auction

October 6th-12th is Mental Health Awareness week. The Serve Group Silent Charity Auction fundraisers help drum up awareness for charitable campaigns. Sometimes those who need help the most struggle to find their voice. We are here to make sure their stories are heard.

About The Serve Group

When you think of High Street discount stores, think about The Serve Group online Charity Shopping Mall that also happens to be an online community hub for persons and their families dealing with anxiety and depression. The Serve Group heralds the importance of promoting positive mental health experiences that work in favor of a population in need of innovative emotional and psychological resources that build resilience into our universal human condition. Research proves education, experimental projects, and peer-led incubatorĀ support services promote positive life transformation. At The Serve Group, a dedicated volunteer workforce staffed by Mental Health awareness advocates, source and distribute products and services.

"The Serve Group plants seeds of hope at the grassroots level, to multiply positive outcomes inĀ preventative, and long term mental health care across Canada."

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