Art for Girls Scholarships Affected by COVID-19

April 2020
At Midnight EDT
May 2020
12:04 AM EDT
GOAL $20,000.00
45.6% To Goal

About Our Auction

This auction benefits a relief fund for the girl's scholarship program of the NGO Daughters Rising. All scholarships are awarded to ethnic minority women fleeing conflict and genocide in Myanmar. However because of COVID-19, the scholarship program is in jeopardy of collapse. We need your help to keep our incredible young women in school!

Daughters Rising is an anti-human trafficking, women's empowerment NGO based in Thailand. Through employment, education and outreach we empower at-risk girls to break cycles of exploitation and intergenerational poverty. However we are facing unprecedented financial ruin because of the pandemic. Normally, our initiatives are funded by profits from The Chai Lai Orhicd, our Elephant Rescue & Eco Hotel. However since January, fears of the coronavirus have nearly evaporated tourism in Thailand... and with it our ability to fund our scholarships.

Without this fund, 20 brilliant young women will lose their scholarships and access to education. All of our students are refugees who have overcome incredible adversity to pursue their academic dreams. We are inspired every day by their courage, perseverance and fierceness and we are committed to keeping them in school-- but we need your help!

Luckily, our community of incredible artists has stepped up to help during this unprecedented time of need. All work included in this auction has been donated in support of our cause and proceeds will fund our scholarships. By purchasing a work, you not only add a fantastic piece of art to your collection, you also help fund tuition for one of our amazing students.

We understand that we are all facing unprecedented hardships during this pandemic, and we are truly thankful for your support during these difficult times. We’re wishing everyone health, love and solidarity. | @DaughtersRisingThailand | @ChailaiOrchid

About Daughters Rising

Daughters Rising is an anti-human trafficking, women's empowerment NGO based in Northern Thailand. Through education, employment and outreach, we empower at-risk girls to end trafficking and exploitation in their communities and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

We take an intersectional feminist, sex-positive and grassroots approach to working with at-risk populations and underserved ethnic minority communities. We believe that collaboration and long-lasting relationships that respect local culture are the best ways to enact meaningful change. We work with the most at-risk populations in Northern Thailand— ethnic minority women and refugees in underserved rural communities. We believe that by creating as many opportunities as possible for these women and girls, we can help them become strong leaders and advocates.

When women and girls are educated, know their rights, have self-esteem, dignified employment opportunities and emotional support, they are empowered to take their lives into their own hands.

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