Glenaeon Fair 2018 - Art & Craft Silent Auction

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October 2018
02:00 PM AEDT
November 2018
03:00 PM AEDT

About Our Auction

The Art & Craft Silent Auction has been part of the annual School Family Fair since 2003. A fabulous opportunity for the school community to display their art and craft talent to the wider community whilst raising funds for our schools GPA. The Silent Auction is a major contributor to the Fair's overall fundraising.

About Glenaon Rudolf Steiner School

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School is an independent, co-educational school catering for children from preschool through to Year 12. Glenaeon embraces Steiner (Waldorf) Education derived from the insights of Austrian-born philosopher, scientist, artist and educator Rudolf Steiner. We strive to develop the physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities of the developing child through an age-appropriate curriculum that integrates the disciplines of movement, fine arts, and practical arts into the study of humanities, science, mathematics and technology. Through the development of these capacities, we strive to educate the child in a healthy and balanced manner.
Glenaeon seamlessly integrates the local NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) curriculum with international Steiner (Waldorf) curriculum, allowing our students to receive a well-rounded holistic education.

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Live Event Information

Glenaeon Family Fair - Art & Craft Silent Auction

Online Bidding closes Friday 2nd November at 3pm.

The live event will commence at the opening of the 2018 Glenaeon Art Show at 6pm on Friday 2nd November and run throughout the 2018 Glenaeon Family Fair on Saturday the 3rd November.

Auction will close at 3:45pm on Saturday 3rd November.

Where: Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School
Castlecrag Campus
121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag

Bidding Instructions for the live auction
* Adults only to bid
* Live bidding will be INITIALS ONLY (Lets make it a Silent Auction)
* Increments of at least $10
* You may bid as many times as you like
* The auction ends at 3:45pm by the official auction clock. At that time the person with the highest bid buys the item for their final bid amount, as listed on the bidding sheet.
* Accepted payments, cash, credit card or eftpos

Happy Bidding