Annapolis Collection Elementary School Fundraiser

October 2020
07:00 PM EDT
October 2020
09:00 PM EDT

Annapolis Collection Elementary School Fundraiser

This Annapolis Collection Gallery October auction is a fundraising auction for Annapolis Elementary School, a Title 1 School located on Green Street in historic downtown Annapolis. Title 1 meaning the majority of their student population are in need of uniforms, school supplies and affordable healthy meals.

Direct donations and all monies exceeding reserve amounts noted in each auction item go directly to the PTA responsible for providing assistance to the children.

Funds raised will help provide:
- Meals
- Uniforms
- School supplies
- Enrichment programs

Help us support our local school in historic downtown Annapolis.
It's the right thing to do.

Stay well. Have fun. Click and bid!
Katherine, 410-280-1414

About Donating to Annapolis Elementary School

Next Auction begins: October 25th 2020 at 6am.

Two major events were recently cancelled due to Covid19 and have left the Title 1 Annapolis Elementary School without needed funds. All funds generated by school volunteers parking cars for visitors to the Annapolis Power Boat Show and the Annapolis Sailboat Show are nonexistent this year. This auction is our way of helping this school raise necessary funds for their students.

This October 2020 online art auction will help pay for meals, clothing and school supplies for children ages 4-11 who attend Annapolis Elementary - located on Green Street in historic downtown Annapolis.

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