2021 AlgomaTrad Virtual Auction

August 2021
08:00 PM EDT
August 2021
01:30 PM EDT
GOAL $4,000.00
118.6% REACHED!

2021 AlgomaTrad Virtual Auction

Welcome to the AlgomaTrad 2021Online Auction!

This annual fundraiser occurs in August during our week-long AlgomaTrad Family Camp, and the money raised helps supports the AlgomaTrad Centre as well as the Nicolas Missere Bursary Fund for camp tuition.

Click on the “View All Items” button (under the picture of the pavilion on the left) to see our amazing selection of auction items. Once you have found something you like, there are two ways to bid:
··· use the “exact bid” option to enter the amount you want to bid at that moment. You will get an email notice if you get outbid, and you can come back to bid again.
··· use the "proxy bid" option if you know how high you want to bid, and let the computer bid for you up to the amount you specify. If someone outbids you, the computer will raise your bid in the smallest allowed amount, and will stop when it reaches the amount that you specified. This is a great way to keep current with the bidding when you are busy elsewhere!

Whichever way you choose to bid, you will get notifications to help you track your bids, and to tell you if you have the top bid, or to let you know if someone has outbid you.

At the end of the auction, if you have won an item you will receive an email from the auction site as well as a follow-up email from AlgomaTrad with further instructions.

For payment, we would appreciate if you could pay by cheque or e-transfer if possible. There are no fees for AlgomaTrad if you pay this way. However, if this doesn’t work, you can pay through Paypal.

The auction closes Friday, August 13th at 1:30pm. so get your bids in before then!

We hope you enjoy the auction. You will see a truly amazing variety of auction items for you to bid on, and it all helps to support the growth of AlgomaTrad. Immense thanks to our generous and talented donors, and a huge thank you to all you great bidders! Your support is deeply appreciated, and you are making a difference!

Happy bidding and good luck!

About AlgomaTrad

AlgomaTrad is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the celebration, sharing, and learning of the traditional music, dance and arts that are part of the Canadian culture and heritage. AlgomaTrad operates an annual Family Camp, organizes dances and workshops throughout the year, and presents concerts of some of the finest traditional and folk musicians Canada has to offer. We are currently developing the AlgomaTrad Centre on St. Joseph Island to offer year-round heritage arts programming.

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