Vegan Art Auction

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January 2018
10:00 AM CET
February 2018
10:00 AM CET
GOAL $400.00
100.0% REACHED!

About Our Auction

We are very excited to present our second online vegan auction. This auction features the work of some of our talented vegan artists from around the globe.

This art auction is in aid of A Well Fed World, a hunger relief and animal protection organization dedicated to chipping away at two of the world's most immense, unnecessary forms of suffering... the suffering of people hungry from lack of food, and the suffering of animals used and assistance abused for food. Learn more about the fabulous work AWFW does here:

About The Art of Compassion Project

The Art of Compassion Project is an international collective art project involving vegan artists from all around the world. We aim to raise funds through various art projects and donate 100% of the profits to vegan non-profit organizations, while opening the minds and hearts of people to animals and the global benefits of veganism.
INSTAGRAM: artofcompassionproject
TWITTER: @aocproject

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