April Food Day Silent Auction

March 2020
09:30 PM EDT
April 2020
06:00 PM EDT

April Food Day Silent Auction

Welcome to the Virtual April Food Day!! We hope that you enjoy viewing and bidding on these items. We are deeply grateful to the many individuals and businesses who donated items to support our event!

About Boston Area Gleaners

The mission of Boston Area Gleaners (BAG) is to rescue surplus farm crops for people in need. By working closely with local farms and volunteer laborers, BAG bridges a critical gap in the food system by providing hunger-relief programs across eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island with access to fresh, high-quality produce that would otherwise be plowed under. To this day, BAG remains the region's only farm gleaning organization.

BAG was founded in 2004 by Oakes Plimpton, an agriculture and hunger advocate who noticed the disparity between the amount of food going to waste in farm fields and the number of people facing hunger. Since that time, BAG has captured 3.6 million pounds of surplus produce, the equivalent of 14.4 million servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, through partnerships with more than 80 local farms, 500 hunger-relief agencies, and 2,500 volunteers. Additionally, we have increased our yield from 8,240 pounds and 10 crop varieties during our first gleaning season in 2004 to 900,000 pounds and more than 60 crop varieties in 2019.

Over the past 15 years, BAG has grown from a volunteer-based, project-driven nonprofit to a major supplier to hunger relief organizations in the region, and a nationally recognized business model. This fiscal year we predict that we will surpass one million pounds of produce gleaned, packed, and delivered to area hunger relief programs in a single season. Ultimately, BAG’s goal is to build a permanent agricultural surplus supply chain to deliver produce from farms to those in need.

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