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The Crossing Arts Alliance 8 x 8 Fundraiser - 2022

The Crossing Arts Alliance
September 2022
11:15 PM CDT
October 2022
At Midnight CDT
GOAL $8,000.00
106.1% REACHED!

The Crossing Arts Alliance 8 x 8 Fundraiser - 2022

We will be hosting the 2022 Crossing Arts Alliance 8 x 8 Live Online Auction from September 30, 2022 until October 8, 2022!

Join us at Crossing Arts, in person, on Friday, October 7th, for a Gala and viewing of all the 8"x8" artworks up for active online bidding. This event will take place in the gallery from 5:00 - 7:00pm. Light refreshments and appetizers will be served. Sponsorship for this event has been provided by Cash Wise Liquor of Baxter and Morey's Seafood Markets. Many thanks to our sponsors and participants that make this fundraiser an enjoyable and successful event.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will be put toward supporting The Crossing Arts Alliance's programs and initiatives, including the continued distribution of free Creativity Kits to our community members. We thank you in advance for your continued support and participation!

About The Crossing Arts Alliance

The Crossing Arts Alliance has been providing amazing, varied arts activities to central Minnesota since 2000. As a 501c3 nonprofit, we work hard to make sure that the arts are accessible to everyone.

Located in the heART of downtown Brainerd, we provide arts programming to hundreds of children each year, cultivating creative thinkers and makers, and introducing them to a wide array of mediums.

Monthly exhibits inspire and excite our artists and viewers.

Local artists sell their work in our Gift Shop, delighting patrons who are looking for local, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Our workshops build skills for writers, visual artists, and those seeking a creative outlet.

We act as a conduit for the creative community, connecting those with similar interests.

We depend on the generosity of our members, volunteers, and community to offer these services. Proceeds from our auction will go to our general fund to be sure we can continue this important work.

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