Cultivating Compassion: CAA's Annual Auction

Compassionate Action for Animals
March 2023
12:15 AM CST
March 2023
06:33 PM CDT
GOAL $3,700.00
136.1% REACHED!

About Our Auction

CAA inspires people in Minnesota and beyond to cultivate their empathy for animals and move towards plant-based diets, to create a world where all of us, human and non-human, can thrive.

All proceeds support CAA's programming. Learn more at, or find us on social media @exploreveg.

About Compassionate Action for Animals

Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) encourages people to embrace their empathy for farmed animals and move toward a plant-based diet. We envision a world where all animals, human and non-human, can thrive.

Support our work in 2023 by attending CAA's 25th Annual Banquet: Cultivating Compassion. There will be live music, games, and a menu catered by Root to Rise! Get your tickets at

Gifts from people like you increase awareness of the lives of farmed animals, build community through plant-based eating, nurture advocates in the Twin Cities region, and support individuals and institutions as they transition to plant-based eating.

Our small staff works with hundreds of volunteers, many in leadership positions, to maximize our effectiveness. Together, with help from people like you, we’ve spared the lives of over 1 million farmed animals since 1998.

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