2021 SurfAid Provide Auction

July 2021
06:00 AM PDT
July 2021
08:04 PM PDT

2021 SurfAid Provide Auction

Join SurfAid and a few of our favorite pro surfers we work together to raise funds to support mother and child health programs around the globe.

About SurfAid

For over 20 years, SurfAid’s core mission has been to save the lives of women and children in remote areas that are connected to us through surfing.

We work in Indonesia’s surfing heartlands – the Mentawai, Nias, Sumba, and Sumbawa, and last year, SurfAid launched two new programs in Solomon Islands and Baja, Mexico.

In these extremely isolated areas where few visitors except surfers go, mothers and children are faced with some of the highest mortality rates in the world.

Up to 70% of these deaths can be prevented by improving access to the core elements of SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programs, clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, and nutrition.

We work with communities on long-term behavior change through our “hand up, not a hand out” approach. Our local staff provides advice, training, and expertise, but it is up to the community to implement the initiatives and embrace change.

In the past 20 years, in addition to building award-winning health programs, SurfAid has helped communities rebuild their lives after five major natural disasters – earthquakes and tsunamis in the area.

For further information or to learn more about the SurfAid Pro-Vide Online Auction, contact:

Erin Miserlis
Executive Director | SurfAid USA
Phone: 619-723-0222 | Email: erin@surfaid.org

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