2021 PTH Valentines Auction

January 2021
08:00 AM CST
January 2021
07:00 PM CST

2021 PTH Valentines Auction

Over the next few months we will be hosting online auctions to fundraise for current and future initiatives to inform and educate the public about the activities of animal and environmental extremist groups. We rely on fundraisers like these as well as public donations to be able to engage in important initiatives. We would like to thank you all for your continued support and wish you luck in your bidding!

About Protect The Harvest

• INFORM and EDUCATE Americans about the activities of animal rights groups, anti-agriculture groups and other non-governmental organizations that threaten agriculture, animal welfare, our traditions, and way of life.
• PROTECT our freedoms and way of life by supporting agriculture, land use, hunting and fishing, animal ownership, and animal welfare.
• RESPOND to laws, regulations, or misinformation that would negatively impact animal welfare, animal ownership, restrict our rights, and limit our freedoms.

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