RAW 2019

May 2019
09:00 PM CDT
May 2019
03:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

Since 2014, RAW has had a 'spectacle' accompanying the weekend of arts and music. This year, we had 60 residents and artists come together to create 'Fred and Calvert's Map, a flipbook commemorating the 1869 Riverside General Plan by Olmsted and Vaux. Earlier this month, books were installed on new park benches, beautifully and creatively decorated by local families. Now is your chance to bid on one of these unique benches!

About Riverside Arts Weekend

Riverside Arts Weekend (RAW) exists to educate, inspire, and excite residents and visitors with art and spectacle that lead to greater understanding and appreciation of art and the creative process. A 501(c)3, the weekend of RAW brings together professional and local artists, musicians and residents for a community-wide celebration of the arts.

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